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by Axton Huff. Published on 6/12/2014

Why people hack

In everyday life, I do not know of one person that has never used Facebook or any Social Media sites. Everyone uses it and posts anything and everything they wanted to tell their friends. Hackers find ways to exploit a websites vulnerabilities and used this glitches to apply malicious code than runs through a website's server/databases ...

by Axton Huff. Published on 6/13/2014

How Hacking Works?

With great minds and great programming knowledge anything is possible and easily be done. With our current civilization people are engaged mainly on the Internet and has been going like this for the past 10 years and you will never know what's the next 10 years would be look like. Since big corporations, leading industries have been adapting this kind of civilization to go with the flow of technology...

by Axton Huff. Published on 6/13/2014

how and society

Computer hacking has been widely used as a term in which hackers are the bad ones, stealing information among corporations, databases, financial reports, business marketing plans, users vital information such as credit card details, password, user email address and much more. This act is solely on policital gain only someone destroys a competition to get above by it...