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Blog - How Hacking Affects Internet Society?

by Axton Huff. Published on 6/13/2014

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Computer hacking has been widely used as a term in which hackers are the bad ones, stealing information among corporations, databases, financial reports, business marketing plans, users vital information such as credit card details, password, user email address and much more. This act is solely on policital gain only someone destroys a competition to get above by it, this is only one main reason to consider to. Some hackers destroys a website just for entertainment for by means of revenge on something they do not like read more about hacking news.

Talented programmers abused their ability on such information for the sake of either entertainment or money, yes money! They sell the information hacked to competitive corporation and make use of them. Hacking might be only perform using a computer and runs through lines of cables, however this may greatly affect on a information vital role to perform a task such as processing medical records, financial statements and life-threatening acts that would cause someone's life.

In the other hand, hacking may also be a good bright thing to do, read more about how a preteen girl which loves video games saves the famous android game FarmVille saves the game! Every hacker can contribute good or bad thing to the community it is purely by someone's ability to recognized bad or good, and separate good will from entertainment

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