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Blog - Why Hack Someone's Facebook Account?

by Axton Huff. Published on 6/12/2014

Why people hack

In everyday life, I do not know of one person that has never used Facebook or any Social Media sites. Everyone uses it and posts anything and everything they wanted to tell their friends. Hackers find ways to exploit a websites vulnerabilities and used this glitches to apply malicious code than runs through a website's server/databases in this example "Facebook".

Once or many times a though came to your mind that you want to invade his/her privacy by going through his/her facebook account which is impossible for you since you do not know his/her user email or password. One common example for this are those married couple, cautious girlfriends to investigate their boyfriends facebook account to make sure something isn't fishy.

However, this might be impossible for them to accomplish since you do not have a single idea about their passwords and you might avoid asking them. Here comes our part as hackers, we provide you complete account details of your victim such as the following:

  • Email Address
  • (ex. [email protected])
  • Users Password
  • in pure text (ex. James88Soccer)
  • Location Last Logged In
  • (ex. Los Angeles, CA)

Using this details alone you can now sneak in on your victims facebook account and check everything you are suspecting to. This greatly helps on cheating husbands, spy on your crush, reveal private photos and much more!

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